Railways Ministry considering 50 per cent reduction in travel and overtime allowance

New Delhi: Railways have suffered heavy losses due to the lockdown caused by the corona pandemic. Given the financial loss, the central government has decided to take some drastic steps. Because of which the Ministry of Railways is considering reducing the allowances of employees of Indian Railways. Railways can cut the allowance for travel allowance and overtime duty of railway employees by 50 percent. A decision can be taken soon on this.

According to Moneycontrol reports, the Ministry of Railways has started taking initiatives on this and may take a final decision soon on reducing the overtime and travel allowance of the employees. Earlier in August, there was speculation that the Indian Railways is considering withholding the salaries and pension of the employees for the year 2020-21. However, the government then dismissed these speculations.

The government had rejected and wrote on the social site that the government had no such proposal. There are more than 13 lakh employees employed in Indian Railways and there are also about 15 lakh pensioners. According to the report, the ministry had earlier sought the finance ministry to intervene to meet the pension expenditure of Rs 53,000 crore in 2020 21. Earlier, there was also news that the railway is going to stop operating all trains (Indian railways) including the COVID-19 special train from December 1. But the railway ministry has not given any official information regarding this news. The Railways has said that at present there is no such plan by the government. This news is completely fake. If you have also received such a message, then do not pay attention to it.

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