COVID19 epidemic can be prevented if 70 percent people wear masks at public places

The spread of the coronavirus epidemic can be prevented if 70 percent of the people always wear masks when they are outside. According to this research review, the COVID-19 pandemic can be prevented if at least 70 percent of the public continues to wear masks. Research has claimed that the use of masks plays an important role in the effectiveness of the coronavirus.
The research, published in the journal Physics of Fluids, carried out on face masks Studies have been assessed and epidemiologists have reviewed reports on whether face masks would reduce the number of people who spread the virus.

Coronavirus outbreaks are increasing in many countries around the world. Things are worsening after the second wave of Corona in many countries of Europe. Meanwhile, much good news is also coming out about Corona’s vaccine. People have been told not to be negligent until the corona vaccine arrives. For this, people have been instructed to always apply a mask on face, follow physical distance. Until the corona vaccine is introduced in the world, there is a mask vaccine; such an appeal has been made many times.
Scientists, including Sanjay Kumar of the National University of Singapore, say that coronavirus epidemics can be prevented if over 70 percent of the people use extremely effective face masks such as surgical masks, etc. Scientists have said that masks with less efficient clothes May also slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

According to scientists, a major aspect of the face mask function involves the size of droplets of fluid extracted from the nose and mouth when a person talks, sneezes, coughs or even simply breathes. It stated that large droplets, with sizes of 5–10 μm, are the most common. Small drops below 5 μm are possibly more dangerous.

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