Frozen Food: Know what harm it can cause to your body

Due to the changing lifestyle and lack of time, the trend of frozen and packaged foods has increased. Frozen food is not considered better for health than fresh food. Hydrogenated palm oil is used in frozen foods, which contain harmful Trans fats. Apart from this, preservatives like corn syrup made from starch and glucose are also used.


The amount of sodium in frozen foods is also very high. Due to this, many kinds of problems start in the body. These foods can be eaten occasionally but it should be avoided to make it a habit. Let us know what serious problems can be caused by their excessive use


1. Diabetes- Starch is used to keep frozen foods fresh. This starch enhances the taste of food and makes it even better to look at. Our body converts this glucose into sugar before digestion. High amounts of sugar increase the likelihood of developing diabetes. Apart from this, it also damages the body tissues.


2.  Heart diseases- The second danger associated with frozen and processed food is heart disease. Trans fats present in these foods increase the problem of clogged arteries. Trans fats increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body and decrease good cholesterol due to which the risk of heart disease increases further. A high amount of sodium is found in it, which also increases blood pressure.


3. Excess Calories – Fat is found very much in frozen food. Fat has twice the number of calories as carbohydrate or protein. For example, a cup of frozen chicken has about 600 calories, which comes from more than half of the fat. It is promoted by saying that frozen food is full of nutrients, but the truth is that they are very dangerous for the body.


4. Cancer- Eating too much-frozen food can increase the risk of cancer. Research shows that eating frozen food, especially frozen meats, increases the chances of pancreatic cancer. According to one study, eating frozen hot dogs, spices non-veg and sauces increases the risk of cancer by 65 percent.

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