Valsad : Foreign liquor worth Rs 23 lakh seized from Bagwada Tolnaka near Vapi

Vapi : A team from the state revenue department carried out a check on Bagwada Tolnaka near Valsad and seized millions of rupees worth of foreign liquor.

At Bagwada Tolnaka near Vapi, a team from Bhilad’s Income Tax Department stopped vehicles passing through the highway and investigation of the e-way bills was on. Meanwhile, a V-Trans company container coming from Mumbai was stopped. The container driver handed over the necessary documents and the bill to the team, but the income tax department found something suspicious and the e-way bill found in the investigation was fake.

The Income Tax team itself was shocked to see the luggage that was found while inspecting the container. Because the bill showed chili in the container and it was revealed that foreign liquor was being smuggled in it, it was revealed that the container did not contain any of the items mentioned in the e-way bill but a team from the Income Tax Department informed the police that a large quantity of foreign liquor was found in it. Pardi police rushed to the spot and conducted a search. A total of worth Rs 33 lakh’s goods including foreign liquor worth Rs 23 lakh and containers was seized.

Significantly, a new system, including GST and e-way bill, is being implemented to streamline the tax structure in the country. As a result, checkposts and other checkpoints have also been removed from the state and goods are being transported on the basis of e-way bills. But now it is coming to light that Transport Row is also smuggling illegal goods on the basis of fake bills.

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