Gujarat: ‘Gati’ hurricane active in Arabian Sea, alert issued on all ports

Ahmedabad: Hurricane Gati is expected to be active in the Arabian Sea. According to the meteorological department, it was moving at a speed of 32 kmph at 6pm yesterday. Due to the speed, signal number 2 has been installed at Jafrabad and Veraval ports of Saurashtra due to depression in the Arabian Sea. Fishermen have been instructed by the officials to remain alert while fishing.

There is a slight increase in wind speed due to the depression created due to ‘Gati’. At present, however, the depression in the Arabian Sea is having no effect. But an alert has been issued by the meteorological department as part of vigilance.

Fishermen have been instructed to be careful while fishing and to come ashore when it’s necessary. Normal swell conditions are currently being observed at sea. However, as a precautionary measure, fishermen have been instructed not to plow the sea.

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