Coronavirus Ahmedabad: Roads deserted on second day of curfew

Ahmedabad: Roads wore a deserted look on the second day of the curfew imposed in the city amidst the second wave of Covid-19 infections. A 57-hour curfew has been imposed in Ahmedabad city to curtail the spread of coronavirus spread.

Jamalpur Vegetable Market in Ahmedabad is the largest wholesale and retail vegetable market in the city. People come here early in the morning to buy vegetables. The area is prone to early morning traffic jams and crowds. On the second day of the curfew, the roads were completely empty. On the other hand not a single vegetable shop was open.

However, the area is constantly being patrolled by the police to ensure strict compliance with the curfew. At the same time, the pressure vehicle of the corporation is also constantly moving.

A huge crowd is seen on the Ahmedabad riverfront on winter mornings. People rush to do morning walks and cycling since morning but nothing such was seen on the second day of the curfew. The next day the riverfront was completely empty.

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