Pune: Activists lead cops to nab men involved in sand mining at Aundh

Pune : Two resident activists from Aundh, Vaishali Patkar and Pushkar Kulkarni noted a case of illegal sand lifting s at the confluence of Ramnadi and Mula river behind the sewage treatment plant (STP) in Aundh, on Friday night at around 11.45 pm.
The loud noise from the machine alerted the residents from Aundh. The machines made relatively loud noise while the men were busy scooping out the sand from the river into two tractor trailers.
The activist duo immediately reached the spot and called the cops meanwhile. One person was immediately arrested while his two others from his team fled the spot.
Vijay Kumar Sao, a 22 year old resident of Jharkhand, tried escaping but was caught by the cops. Section 371, 9 and 15 of Indian Penal code have been filed against the culprit and other two persons who fled the site.
The activist Vaishali Patkar said, “Illegal and excessive sand mining not just alters the river bed, but also changes the course of the river, and thus it leads to regular floods. It also hampers the water bodies ans the habitat.”
Vivek Kumutkar, Sangvi Police Sub Inspector speaking about the issue said, “Investigation is under way and the culprits will be punished as per the law. “
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