Mumbai: ED investigating dubious payment done to Sushant Singh Rajput

Mumbai : The Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation has again intensified in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. In this case, the ED has got a clue about the payment of crores of rupees made to Sushant. According to sources Sushant was paid a dubious payment for one of his films. This amount is being said to be 17 crores.

Sources have said that an investigation is going on regarding this payment. This payment of 17 crores was made in 2017 for Sushant’s film ‘Raabta’. The ED has questioned the film’s producer Dinesh Vijan about this last month. Dinesh was asked to submit some payment documents. However, he was not able to submit the details of the overseas shoot budget of the film shot in Hungary.

For the overseas shooting, filmmakers are paid some amount as payment and it can be about 20 percent of the total budget spent on shooting in the respective country. This is called overseas payment perks. The agency suspects that producers show foreign governments, especially European governments, the details of higher expenditure so that they can take advantage of the maximum payment and use the money to pay off the payments of the film’s actors. The agency suspects that these funds are sent to India through hawala channels of the country concerned.

After Dinesh Vijan could not submit the papers, a raid was conducted in his house. In the raid, the ED had received budget related papers from the producer’s house which he had submitted to the authorities in Budapest. According to the papers, the budget of the film was 50 crores, out of which 17 crores was given to Sushant.

Significantly, after Sushant’s death, his father had accused Rhea Chakraborty of missing 15 crore rupees from Sushant’s account. Based on this allegation, the ED has again started an investigation on money laundering. Sushant and Rhea did not know each other in 2016. Both came in relation in 2018. Now producer Dinesh Vijan is in the circle of questions regarding the missing payment of Rs 17 crore. Dinesh is unable to answer the questions of the agency regarding Sushant’s payment. According to sources, Dinesh is in Dubai right now. When the agency sent him summons, he gave an excuse of COVID-19 and showed his medical certificate.

Apart from Dinesh Vijan, the ED had recently questioned Sushant’s business manager Shruti Modi and Uday Singh Gauri, who was handling Sushant’s account. At present, no evidence has been found against Rhea Chakraborty in the ED’s investigation so far regarding money laundering.

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