Maharashtra: Emphasis on providing free electricity up to 100 units says Minister Nitin Raut

Mumbai: Energy Minister Nitin Raut on Friday said that he was still emphasising on the earlier announcement of providing free electricity up to 100 units. However, he flatly refused to grant waiver or concessions for the inflated bills during the lockdown.

Asked whether he would waive the inflated bills during the lockdown period, he said the bills must be paid as per the meter readings. The previous government has built up a mountain of debt. So today’s situation is not like electricity bill waiver. So far, 69 percent of customers have paid their bills. The remaining 31 per cent will be paid by December-January.

The report of the study group appointed by the energy department to provide free electricity up to 100 units did not come due to corona. But you will see that this electricity has been waived, he added.

If BJP leaders have any objections to the increased bills, they should submit them to my office. I will check them out. But if it is proved that the bills are not inflated, then the BJP leaders should give a word that they will pay, challenged Raut.

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