Central Railway transports 35.53 million tonne freight through 6.72 lakh wagons in 8 months

New Delhi: In order to ensure the timely delivery of freight vital for the energy and infrastructure sector, Railways has maintained its goods trains fully functional in spite of the COVID19 lockdown and unlock.
Central Railway from 23rd March 2020 to 18th November 2020 has transported 35.53 million tonnes of freight successfully in meeting the needs of the industry.
In terms of wagon loads it turns out 6,72,879 wagons from 23.3.2020 to 18.11.2020. Central Railway ran 13,981 goods trains carrying coal, food grains, sugar, petroleum products, fertilizers, containers, iron and steel, cement, onions and other miscellaneous goods. During this period on an average 2,792 wagons of freight have been loaded daily.
Central Railway carried 2,62,327 wagons of coal to various power plants to ensure un-interrupted supply of electricity.
Also carried 8,858 wagons of food grains and sugar; 31,743 wagons of fertilizers and 7,616 wagons of onions for the benefit of farmers; 63,305 wagons of petroleum products; 17,349 wagons of iron and steel; 45,038 wagons of cement; 2,04,021 container wagons and about 32,622 wagons of de-oiled cake and miscellaneous goods.

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