Mumbai: Man attacks girlfriend, injures self with firecracker explosion in mouth

Mumbai : A 55-year-old boyfriend broke into the home of his 58-year-old girlfriend and attacked her with a sharp weapon. He then bursted sutli bomb in his own mouth. The shocking incident took place at Pushpa Park in Kurar Village, Malad, Mumbai. The accused brutally cut her hair after the woman fell to the ground in an injured state after the attack. Both the girlfriend and boyfriend were seriously injured in the incident and both have been admitted to Cooper Hospital for treatment.

The accused is identified as Sachin Chauhan (58). It is learned that a 58-year-old divorced woman lives with her 80-year-old mother, two daughters and a son in a building in Pushpa Park in Kurar Village, Malad. The woman had an affair with 55-year-old driver Sachin Chauhan. The accused used to come to the woman’s house as the two had been dating for almost 15 years. On November 1, accused Sachin Chauhan went to her house to meet his girlfriend. But his girlfriend’s mother refused to take him inside the home. This led to a quarrel between the woman and her mother. Tendulkar then entered the house on November 15 at 7 am as the woman was leaving for work. Again, the woman had a heated argument with Sachin. The quarrel escalated to the point that Sachin stabbed his girlfriend in the neck with a knife he had brought with him. Not stopping there, he also inhumanely cut the woman’s hair with a knife. He then bursted a sutli bomb he had brought with him. Both were seriously injured in this bizarre

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