Jaggery beneficial for health in winter; Good for colds, coughs as well as diseases caused by pollution

Mumbai : At present, the climate is changing and the temperature is rising. Similarly, cold has arrived in North India, including the capital Delhi. But with the cold, many states, including Delhi, are facing high levels of pollution. It is also important to take care of health amid changing climate and increasing pollution. Today we are going to tell you about an easily available kitchen ingredient that will be beneficial for you to maintain good health even in winter along with the changing environment. If you also like to eat sweets, jaggery is more beneficial than sugar.

The proteins, carbohydrates, arsenic, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus found in jaggery are very essential for the human body. Jaggery is also highly beneficial for the effects of pollution on our body. Also, people who have diabetes and who have stopped eating sweets or sugary foods for this reason, may include jaggery in their diet instead of sugar to maintain their appetite. Learn about the medicinal benefits of jaggery…

To prevent pollution
If you are working in a factory where there is a lot of pollution or the level of pollution in your city is high, it is very beneficial for you to include jaggery in your diet. Jaggery is very beneficial for people living in a polluted environment. Consumption of 100 grams of jaggery daily helps in avoiding diseases caused by pollution.

To get rid of stomach problems
Consumption of jaggery helps in getting rid of stomach problems. Jaggery is extremely beneficial for problems like constipation, acidity and bile. In case of stomach problems, eat sendhav salt or black salt with small pieces of jaggery. Also, daily consumption of jaggery helps in smooth digestion.

Jaggery is also beneficial for cold and cough
The use of jaggery is also beneficial for colds and coughs. During winter, jaggery and ginger are eaten together. In addition, jaggery can be eaten with ajwain. You can also consume Kadha (decoction) when you have a cold. Use jaggery instead of sugar to make kadha.

To strengthen the bones
Jaggery is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Which is extremely beneficial for the bones. Constant consumption of it eliminates the problem of joint pain. Also, consuming jaggery along with ginger helps in strengthening the bones.

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