Chances of unseasonal rains in some parts of Maharashtra in the next 48 hours

Mumbai : The cold has subsided since the last few days. There has been little humidity in the dry climate for the past few weeks due to clouds in the sky. So the cold has subsided. Similarly, unseasonal rains have again lashed Maharashtra. So, Manmad, Chandwad area has witnessed rains.

It is likely to rain in Marathwada, North Maharashtra and some parts of Vidarbha in the next 48 hours, according to the meteorological department.

According to the Meteorological Department, a low pressure belt has formed in the southwestern part of the Arabian Sea. So the temperature is rising frequently. This will transform it into a severe low pressure area in the next 48 hours. After that, on November 21, the belt will move towards Oman. Due to this effect, the state has a favorable climate for rains, according to the meteorological department.

The effect of the basin conditions in the Bay of Bengal has increased the temperature in the state and reduced the cold. As a result, citizens are still facing heat in many important cities on a daily basis.

Vidarbha has been feeling cold for the last few days. Meanwhile, the temperature in Chandrapur reached 8 degrees Celsius and in the city around 13 degrees Celsius. However, last week the clear sky was filled with clouds and there was a sudden rise in temperature. The meteorological department has forecast cloudy weather for the next few days.

The state, meanwhile, was hit by torrential rains last month. The rains had also made huge losses for farmers.

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