Shiv Sena left Hindutva for power; What to expect from them?, Narayan Rane launches attack on Shiv Sena

Mumbai: BJP MLA Ram Kadam was scheduled to stage a mass agitation from Khar to Gadchinchale village demanding handing over the probe into the murder of a sadhu in Palghar to the CBI, but the police refused to allow the protest. BJP leader Narayan Rane and MLA Nitesh Rane went to Khar police station and met Ram Kadam.

After that, while talking to the media, Rane strongly criticized the Thackeray government. The police had requested Ram Kadam not to carry out such agitation during the Corona period. Kadam was arrested by the police, he said, adding that the state government did not investigate the Palghar case as it should. Therefore, we demand that the case be handed over to the CBI. That is why this agitation has been started, said Rane. The state has a three-party government. This is not to say that these three parties are anti-Hindu. But Shiv Sena did not remain pro-Hindu. I will not call Shiv Sena pro-Hindu. These are compromises. Shiv Sena came to power by betrayal. He also said that Shiv Sena had compromised for the post.

After being released by the police, Ram Kadam told the media that the Maharashtra government was playing the role of a Dhritarashtra. No action has been taken against the killing of a sadhu in Palghar for so many days. The investigation should be handed over to the CBI. The land of Maharashtra belongs to the saints, injustice will not be tolerated on saints here. He warned the government to keep this in mind.

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