Sharad Pawar to visit Khandesh first time after Khadse’s NCP entry

Jalgaon: NCP President Sharad Pawar is going on a tour of North Maharashtra for the first time after senior leader Eknath Khadse said goodbye to BJP and joined NCP. It is considered of great political importance. Sharad Pawar will visit Dhule and Nandurbar in North Maharashtra on November 20 and 21 on the occasion of farmers’ meet and various programs.
Eknath Khadse joined the NCP about a month ago saying that there was injustice in the BJP. After Khadse’s entry, it is being said that the strength of NCP has increased in North Maharashtra, which is the stronghold of BJP. In addition, Sharad Pawar will now visit North Maharashtra on the 20th and 21st at Dhule and Nandurbar on the occasion of farmers’ meet and various programs.
His visit is considered politically important. Not only because Jalgaon district but also Dhule and Nandurbar have a large number of Khadse supporters. Due to Sharad Pawar’s visit, many Khadse supporters in the BJP are expected to join the NCP. Therefore, during Sharad Pawar’s visit, attention is focused on who will join the NCP. As this visit of Sharad Pawar is important in terms of strengthening the NCP in North Maharashtra, it will be interesting to see what will happen in this tour.
Membership of the Legislative Council to Khadse
After working in BJP for 40 years in various positions, Eknath Khadse accused Devendra Fadnavis and left the BJP. Believing in the leadership of Sharad Pawar, he joined the NCP last month. Khadse, who said that he joined the NCP without any expectation, is said to have been ‘honored’ by the NCP by nominating him for the post of Governor-nominated Legislative Council member.
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