Growing trend of online shopping; Consumer’s priority to cleanliness, durability

New Delhi : Consumer habits have changed during the corona epidemic, according to a survey. The challenge for sellers is to make the necessary changes. The need to build large-scale cold storages to preserve perishable goods for a long time has been underlined after receiving the information from the survey.

The survey was conducted in nine countries by Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions. From this, the changing habits of the customers came to fore. Also, it has been found that consumers are taking care of some basic things more than the price. There is a growing emphasis on cleanliness among consumers. Consumers are also paying attention to whether there is a good cold storage facility or not. About 72 per cent said they would turn to traditional shopping such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and grocery stores after the corona epidemic. They are confident that fresh food will be available at this place as before, while most Indian and Chinese consumers, however, said that they will continue to buy groceries and other items online.

In the pre-corona era, more and more people were inclined towards hotel foods. But now, even after the hotels have opened, it has been found that there is an emphasis on cooking at home. In South Africa, India, Philippines, Australia and Indonesia, 60 to 80 percent of people prefer to eat at home instead of in a restaurant. 52% of Indians said they would use online media to buy fresh food, while 82 per cent said they were more concerned about hygiene, quality and food than ever before in supermarkets and malls.

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