MPhil dropout Zubair Wani appointed new Hizbul commander in Kashmir

Srinagar: For the peace and tranquility in Jammu and Kashmir, the security forces are constantly taking action against the terrorists. Last week, Hizbul Chief Saifullah Mir was killed in an encounter by security forces. He was made the commander of Hizbul after the terrorist Riyaz Naiku was killed in May, but he was also killed. Now Hizbul has appointed Zubair Wani, MPhil dropout student of Dehradun College as the new commander.

According to a report published in the English newspaper, Hizbul has appointed a third commander in the last six months. The security force has stacked two commanders and now the name of the third commander Zubair Wani has also been registered in the security forces’ list.

MPhil Dropout Zubair is 31 years old and joined Hizbul in 2018. His family lives in Dehruna village in Anantnag district in southern Kashmir. Among the five siblings, Zubair Wani is the only educated person.

According to information from sources, after Riyaz Naiku was killed, Ashraf Maulvi alias Ashraf Khan became the commander of Hizbul as he is the senior most in the group. But he is constantly struggling with kidney problems. In such a situation, Zubair Wani was chosen as the commander.

Talking about Ashraf Khan, he is an A ++ category terrorist and he also talked about giving up the path of terror many times.

The security forces have taken continuous action to wipe out the terrorists from the valley. Within the last six months, the security forces have killed two Hizbul commanders and further they are strategizing to break Hizbul network. Not only this, the security forces have been trying to show the right path to the youth of the valley but still terrorist organizations are working to incite the youth.

According to the report, the Jammu and Kashmir Police said that while many of the youths are returning to the mainstream due to the efforts of the security forces, many have surrendered in the middle of the encounter and have chosen the path of peace.

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