Al-Qaeda trying to set up network in West Bengal, Alleged network on radar of NIA

New Delhi : Terrorist organization Al Qaeda’s alleged network is on the radar of security agencies in several districts of West Bengal. The agencies believe that some terrorists have come here by infiltrating through Bangladesh. Whereas there has been an attempt to build a network locally through radicalization. Recently, the NIA arrested nine al-Qaeda network terrorists. Six of these were from West Bengal. Even before the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah to Bengal, a suspected Al Qaeda network-linked terrorist was caught.

Sources said that the NIA is engaged in finding their roots. The Ministry of Home Affairs has expressed concern about the situation in West Bengal. Pakistan’s ISI is believed to be funding Al-Qaeda (AQIS). Bengal is being infiltrated through Bangladesh. The agencies believe that by spreading the poison of fundamentalism through social media, the youth are being linked to Al-Qaeda and IS inspired organizations.

Significantly, a few months ago the United Nations issued a report on terrorism. It claimed that the Al-Qaeda (AQIS) terrorist organization in the Indian subcontinent was plotting an attack. The current mastermind of AQIS is Osama Mahmood, who replaces the slain Asim Umar. He is plotting retaliation in the area to avenge Umar’s death.

The report said that there are 180 to 200 terrorists of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent. They are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is said to be an ally of IS.

PK Mishra of Vivekananda Foundation says that Murshidabad has become a stronghold of AQIS in Bengal. This is also the condition in Nadia and North 24 Parganas. There are many sleeper cells here. There is a tremendous network between the sleeper cells of West Bengal, Kerala and Kashmir. The ISI intends to use Al-Qaeda and IAS’s presence in the Indian subcontinent in a proxy war against India. Al-Qaeda wants to help the terrorists of Kashmir.

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