Government issues 5 rules to celebrate ‘Diwali’ this year to prevent corona

Mumbai : While the graph of corona is coming down in the state, the concern of the state government has increased due to Diwali. Coronavirus is expected to spread during this time as crowds and gatherings increase. The possibility of a second wave is being expressed also due to cold. As it is Diwali during the Corona period, the state government has issued security regulations in this regard. The government has also appealed to all to abide by it.

5 Guidelines for Diwali have been issued by the State Government –

– Considering the increase in pollution, instead of firecrackers on Diwali, it should be celebrated with lights and diyas.

– Do not organize Diwali gathering events, yes, you can organize it through online and social media.

– Instead of cultural programs, organizations should focus on blood donation camps and health camps.

– The place of worship has not been opened yet so the festival should be celebrated at home.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Rajesh Tope is trying to make this year’s Diwali firecracker-free because of the corona. Pollution already increases in winter. It is likely to cause more pollution due to firecrackers. The state government has become cautious as experts have expressed the possibility of a second wave after Diwali.

The second wave of corona is expected after Diwali due to cold and the state government has started preparations to combat the second wave. Therefore, the possibility of banning firecrackers is being expressed. Health Minister Rajesh Tope is likely to propose the ban in the state cabinet meeting.

Health Minister Rajesh Tope today convened a meeting of the State Task Force and Death Audit Committee appointed on the backdrop of Corona. A review of coronal mortality and the preparation for a possible second wave of corona were conducted at this time.

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