Muzaffarnagar: Youth issues hooliganism tender on Facebook

Muzaffarnagar : In the era of the internet, maximum number of people can be reached through social media in just a few minutes. One such case has gone viral on social media right now. Children who are fond of criminal activities often try to spread terror through social media.
Many such youths came forward through mediums like TikTok, some were shooting with guns in their hands and some were using swords. Many had tried to become famous through this medium. You may have seen many videos of cutting a cake with a sword. Today, we are telling you about a photo, which is being discussed on social media. This photo is of a youth from Charthawal police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district.
The youth has uploaded a photo on his Facebook account with a pistol in his hand. He has also uploaded his list of criminal activities on social media. Along with the photo, the young man posted a list of how much he would be charged for bullying, mentioning what the rate of beating, threatening, injuring and killing would be. The photo of this rate of bullying has gone viral on social media, causing a stir in the police force.
Carrying a pistol in his hand, the youth posted a list of work he can do on social media, saying that Rs 1,000 would be charged for threatening, Rs 5,000 for killing someone, Rs 10,000 for seriously injuring and Rs 55,000 for killing. In fact, this is the first time in the district that an open terror tariff has been published on social media. So the police have started an investigation based on this post.
When the police investigated the youth who posted the Facebook post, it was found that he was a resident of Choukada village in Charthawal police station area. CO Sadar Kuldeep Kumar said, “It has come to light that there was a post on the internet with a pistol in his hand. This case is being investigated and action will be taken against the youth soon.
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