Ratan Tata against labor cuts, Extends ‘Work From Home’ for more 365 days

New Delhi : The possibility of another Corona wave in the country has been raised by the AIIMS and the Policy Commission. Tata Steel, the Tata Group’s largest company, has allowed its employees to work from home for more 365 days as the Corona crisis will be prolonged. A new model for this has been implemented since Sunday.

This is stated in a statement issued by Tata Steel. The company is stepping into a culture of trust and results. This will give employees a better environment and flexibility.

From November 1, Tata Steel employees will now be able to work from home for any number of days in a year. These employees have to work in a special place. The company said that once the epidemic is over and the situation improves, the company’s employees will be ready to relocate to their desired location. This will allow these employees to work from anywhere in the country.

The company said the new plan would be tested in a year. Accordingly, it will be studied again after one year by looking at productivity and feedback. Tata Steel vice-president Suresh Dutt Tripathi said the epidemic has helped dispel the traditional notion of productivity. Many myths have been shattered during this period. This will help the policies work better and maintain a balance of life.

Ratan Tata against labor cuts
Many employees are being laid off from companies during the Corona period. This suggests that the core leadership of the companies lacks empathy. People who have spent their entire careers for the company are being made unemployed instead of being supported, Tata has alleged. Tata has asked these industrialists a question. What is your duty at this time in the corona crisis? What is the definition of morality for you? This is how you treat your employees in times of crisis? No. Tata Group has not laid off even a single employee. However, the salaries of senior executives have been slashed by 20 per cent, Tata said.

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