Onion market prices fall by Rs 1200, farmers hit by Rs 1 crore 21 lakh in one day

Lasalgaon: The average market price of onion fell by Rs 1200 per quintal and the maximum market price fell by Rs 900 per quintal in a single day on Monday. This has created an atmosphere of concern among the onion growers.

Various measures are being taken by the central government to control the market price of onion. Foreign onions may not have reached Indians, but it has arrived in Mumbai, while traders are saying that the market price of onion is declining due to arrival of new red onions.

According to Lasalgaon Market Committee Secretary Narendra Wadhawane, the market price fell by Rs 1,200 per quintal on Monday as compared to Monday’s average price of Rs 5,300 per quintal, Rs 4,151 per quintal and Rs 1,001 per quintal.

With onion prices plummeting during the festive season, onion growers are facing the dilemma of how to support their families and how to cover the expenses incurred. The situation has become such that farmers have no other option but to commit suicide as onion prices are falling due to various restrictions. What is the benefit of giving help after farmer commits suicide? Onion grower Manikrao Awhad says that onions need to get good market prices.

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