Do you also use lines in your signature ? Know what it means

Pune : Most of us draw a line below the signature after signing in any language, a line above the signature, a line between the signatures, a line after the signature. Some people use lines in the middle of the signature, some use two or three lines under the signature, or serpent lines below the signature.

What’s the meaning behind it.
People who draw a straight line under your signature are very disciplined, they are very punctual and expect others to work on time. Some people draw the straight line in the bottom in signature, which is exaggeration, those people just show that they are disciplined but they are not and expect from others that those people should work on time but are not disciplined themselves.

* Some people draw the line in the bottom of signature twice, these people are less confident. They don’t have confidence and it will be fun to here that for an example, if you go on a trip with such people, they will ask a couple of times will this train surely go there? have you checked the ticket twice, did I locked the house or not, they will go back and check twice if it is locked or not. In short, such people lack confidence. It is wrong to use two lines under the signature.

* The bottom line of some people’s signature goes straight but it comes in reverse i.e. last minute plan changer, they suddenly takes U-Turn, if there are such people in your business then never rely on such person’s decision. People will eventually change their minds.

* The next point is that if three or four lines are drawn by someone’s signature or wavy lines are drawn below, then the decisions of these people are often wrong and such people will face a a lot of financial loss. They may suffer constant sickness in life.

* If the signature is scratched in between, the people themselves are upset. Such people also suffer financial losses.

* Some people who sign in English and draw the line above, rely heavily on others when making decisions. Someone has to help them. They have less self-confidence.

These shows how much a line in your signature is important for you.

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