Wrote 3 letters to Modi on Maratha reservation issue, also asked for time for meeting, but…

New Delhi: The Supreme Court hearing on Maratha reservation was postponed on Tuesday. The court has said that the next hearing on the Maratha reservation moratorium will be held in four weeks. The public prosecutor was not present at the hearing, so the hearing has been adjourned. MP Sambhaji Raje Bhosale has expressed his displeasure over this. Where are the public prosecutors? It is unfortunate that such a question is asked by the Supreme Court and lawyers are not present there. Therefore, wherever Ashok Chavan, the chairman of the Maratha Reservation Sub-Committee, is, he needs to be coordinated, said Sambhaji Raje.

The Supreme Court had stayed the reservation in jobs and education through Maratha reservation. The state government has filed a petition in the court seeking lifting of the stay. The petition will be heard before a bench headed by Supreme Court Justice Nageshwar Rao. The Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing for four weeks. Attempts are being made by the petitioners of the Maratha community to take the matter to a five-member bench. However, petitioner Vinod Patil and the opposition are accusing the government of not being serious about the Maratha reservation issue. In this regard, MP Sambhaji Raje Bhosale has also questioned the performance of the government.

What was the correspondence with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding Maratha reservation, did he ask for an appointment? This question was asked to Sambhaji Raje. Replying to this, Sambhaji Raje said that he had corresponded with Modi three times. I will meet the Prime Minister along with all party MPs from Maharashtra, for which I had asked for an appointment with Modi. But, I haven’t got an appointment yet. Also, 3 letters have been sent to Modi till date, his reply is expected, said Sambhaji Raje.

After this request of Sambhaji Raje, Ashok Chavan has raised the question that the Maratha reservation issue should be further emphasized by the state government. The Maratha reservation should be heard before the bench, this is the role of not only the government but all the petitioners. We do not want to do any politics on Maratha reservation. Ashok Chavan has clarified that it is our firm position that the Maratha reservation should be approved in the Supreme Court.

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