Harley Davidson to reenter Indian market

Mumbai: Harley Davidson, a two-wheeler company that recently entered the Indian market, has now joined hands with Hero Motors. From the showroom of Hero Motors in India, customers will now be able to buy Harley Davidson bikes and can also get servicing. There is a distribution agreement between Harley Davidson and Hero MotoCorp. According to the agreement, Hero MotoCorp will sell and do service with Harley Davidson. With the help of its existing dealership network, Hero in India will make Harley parts and accessories available as well as riding gear and other common items.
As per the agreement, Hero MotoCorp will also develop and sell premium motorcycles under the Harley-Davidson brand name. Hero MotoCorp has said that under the licensing agreement, the company will sell premium motorcycles under the brand name of Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson announced to leave India in the month of September. The American bike company sold 10,000 bikes last year, but this year the company could not sell even a quarter of that.
For the past several years, the company was struggling to increase business in India. It is believed that the company had taken this decision due to the excess tax on the bike. A few months ago, the company revealed that it would focus on profitable markets like the United States. Apart from this, markets where the company is not making profits, will stop its operation from there. Actually, the company believes that the volume and profits in India are not coming according to the investment, which is why the company has planned to end business from here.

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