Sangli : More than 80 ST employees who returned from service in Mumbai tests Corona positive

Sangli: It has come to fore that many employees of 9 ST depots who returned to Sangli from Mumbai have contracted corona. A few days ago, the state government had allowed ST travel within the district to undo services that were halted due to the Corona crisis. After that, the drivers of STs returning to Sangli district after serving in Mumbai got infected with corona and this number has gone up to 80. So far, more than 80 drivers from nine depots in the district have been corona infected. This has increased the pressure on the ST administration.

Mumbai local service was shut down due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Permission was granted to start BEST service and ST service to undo all in the unlock process. But, with the local service closed, there was a complete strain on the BEST service. As a result, some buses were diverted to Mumbai from major ST bus depots in the states. For the last several days, ST employees were serving in Mumbai. Around 100 ST buses from Sangli district had also arrived in Mumbai. Also, about 400 employees were serving in Mumbai for the last 12 days. As the service period of these employees came to an end, a team of 400 new employees arrived in Mumbai two days ago and the employees who had initially arrived for service returned to their districts.

ST service personnel underwent rapid antigen testing after returning to the district. Some of the staff were found to be infected with corona. Currently, 80 ST employees have been found to be affected by the corona. This number is expected to increase. So far, 80 drivers from 9 depots in the district have been affected. It is also feared that this number will increase and at present the pressure of ST administration is increasing. Meanwhile, employees whose corona reports have tested positive, have been kept in the isolation ward.

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