Pune: With ex-boyfriends help, wife conspires to cut husband’s genital veins

Pune : After not being able to marry her lover, she got married to another boy and forgot the first love. But a few months later, she remembered her first boyfriend and again contacted him. After this, she and her lover together planned to make the husband impotent. Thankfully, the husband got a clue of it and survived. This shocking incident has emerged from Pune’s Warje Malwadi area.
A case has been registered against a 25-year-old woman and her 22-year-old boyfriend in this case. In this case, a 27-year-old youth has filed a case with the Warje Malwadi police station. A case has been registered on the basis of the complaint.
According to the information received, all three are highly educated and they work in big companies. The complainant is an IT engineer. While his wife and lover are mechanical engineers.
The complainant had got married a few months ago. This marriage took place with all customs. But the wife was already in love with the accused, his ex-boyfriend. The two had decided not to get married without family member’s consent. After this, the girl got married to the complainant. But after a few months of marriage, the girl and her ex-boyfriend accidently met each other and their affair started again. Both of them decided to cut the nerve of the complainant’s genitals and make him impotent. This plan was discussed through a chat on a hike message app. Thankfully, the girl’s husband read the messages and the matter came to light before anything wrong happened. The complainant then reached the police directly. Police have registered a case. The matter is under investigation.
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