Mahesh Bhatt’s legal action against Luveina Lodh, files defamation case of 1 crore

Mumbai : Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his brother Mukesh Bhatt filed a defamation case against actress Luveina Lodh in the Bombay High Court on Monday. Both have demanded Rs 1 crore as compensation from Luveina for making false and insulting allegations. Along with this, he has appealed to the court to stop Luveina from making false, malicious and derogatory allegations against him.

A single bench of Justice AK Menon on Monday sought response from Luveina under this petition. The case will be heard after three weeks. Luveina’s advocates assured the court that she would not issue any such statement against the plaintiff.

Earlier, Mahesh Bhatt’s lawyer had issued a statement after Luveina’s allegations in which he denied all these allegations. He said that he will take legal action against the actress. The lawyer said, ‘We deny the allegations. Such allegations are not only false and degrading but also have serious consequences in law. Our clients will take action according to legal advice.’

Luveina had released a video of her making serious allegations against Mahesh Bhatt. She said in the video, ‘Namaste, my name is Luveina Lodh and I am making this video for the safety of me and my family. I was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal and I have filed a divorce case as I came to know that he supplies drugs. His phone also has pictures of very different types of girls, which he shows to the directors. They also supply girls. And all these things are known to Mahesh Bhatt.’

The actress further said, ‘Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don in this industry. These entire systems operate the same. If you do not walk according to them, then they destroy your life. Mahesh Bhatt has ruined the lives of so many people. How many actors, directors, composers have he removed from work. He make a call from behind and people lose their work. And people can’t even come to know. They have wasted many lives like this. Ever since I have filed a case against him, he is trying to enter my house and threaten me. He tried his best to get me out of this house. When I go to the police station to write NC, no one takes my NC and even if I write, no action will be taken on it.’

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