Marriage Woes: 208 complaints registered by couples after ‘unlock’

Navi Mumbai : Increased intimacy between husband and wife in lockdown has led to various disputes. So as soon as the unlock phase started, the flow of complaints to the police has increased due to the quarrel between the husband and wife.

While the lockdown was implemented due to corona across the country, including the state, many were locked in the house for a period of three months or may be more than that. In the meantime, many couples have been able to give each other so much time for the first time, but this has become a reason for disputes in the lives of some couples. During this period, many incidents of suspicion on the spouse have taken place in the home of many. In some cases, smartphones have been a factor. ‘Why did you hide something from me today?’ This includes everything from their male-female friends and other related things to each other. The lockdown period of many couples has been in dispute due to various reasons.
As a result, as soon as the Unlock period started, such couples run to the police to complain against each other, as well as to the women’s helpline. As soon as the lockdown ended, the Navi Mumbai Police Women’s Assistance Cell received 208 complaints of family disputes. Of these, 88 complaints have been settled in the last period, out of which 15 couples have reunited, 9 cases have been registered and the remaining 120 complaints are still pending.

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