Google Pay app removed from Apple App Store

New Delhi: The Google Pay app has been removed from the Apple App Store. The reason is not clear, but the Google Pay app is not visible in the iPhone App Store. Although the Google Pay app already installed in the iPhone is working, there are problems in the transaction.

According to Google, Google Pay has been removed from the App Store to fix some problems. This is not the case with Android and the Google Pay app is available in the Google Play Store.

Google has said in a statement that some iOS users may experience transaction failure in the Google Pay app. The team is working to fix this.

The Google Pay app has not returned to Apple’s App Store until the news was written. Google has said that an update will be given after it is added back on the App Store.

Significantly, before this, some apps have been removed from the App Store in a similar manner. Actually, due to some problems in the app, companies also remove it from the store so that more users do not get affected.

The company has not clarified what the problem was and how many users have been affected by it. More clarity can be found in the coming time.

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