Hathras case : CBI gets many important clues from jail, CCTV footage sought from medical college

Lucknow : After the initial investigation in Hathras case, investigation has been now handed over to the CBI team. For the fourth time CBI reached jail and questioned the accused. The main accused Sandeep has been questioned the most. The CBI team reached the jail on Monday to interrogate the four accused in the Hathras case who were lodged in Aligarh jail. The team members reached the JN Medical College of Jail and AMU and investigated at various points. Some documents were also sought from the doctors treating the victim in the medical college, seeking answers to various questions. The CBI team returned after hours of questioning to the gang rape accused.

CBI once again reached Aligarh Jail and Medical College on Thursday afternoon and questioned the main accused in the jail for about four hours. At the same time, investigative talks were done with doctors involved in the treatment team of the victim in the medical college and the staff. If sources are to be believed, the team has received many important leads from the medical college and jail.

The CBI team has asked for CCTV footage from JN Medical College. When the victim came to the college and when she was referred to Delhi, the CBI team had asked for full CCTV footage from the college administration. In such a situation, college officials are now extracting footage. Alok Singh, Jail Superintendent, said that the CBI team reached the district jail in the afternoon. The gang rape returned after questioning the accused for hours.

Two medical officers who were removed from AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College were reinstated two days later on Thursday. The high officials of the university passed it after receiving the proposal from the CMO in-charge. Now both officers will be on duty again from Friday. The CBI team reached the Medical College on Monday morning. The team sought a list of doctors and staff treating Hathras victim and questioned him for hours. 24 hours were not spent on the inquiry that on Tuesday afternoon, by issuing a notice on behalf of Trauma Center and Emergency Medical Officer Incharge Dr. SAH Zaidi, removed two medical officers, Dr. Ubaid Imtiaz Ul Haque and Dr. Mohammad Azimuddin Malik.  The notice said that the two doctors concerned should not perform their duties in any way. Both doctors wrote a letter to VC objecting to the removal. Taking the cognizance of the letter, it was said that their term was over. If a letter will be written for renewal from CMO In-charge, it will be considered. In such a situation, a proposal was sent by the CMO In-charge to keep both of them again. Taking a decision on this, the high officials on Thursday reinstated the two officers.

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