Rotation process of troops stationed on LAC in East Ladakh begins, initiative to streamline war strategy

New Delhi : Tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh has been going on since last many months. Meanwhile, the army has started the process of deployment of soldiers on rotation. This is being seen as a strategy to remain on the LAC for a long time.

Army sources said that the rotation process is adopted in the deployment of soldiers at difficult and inaccessible places. The motive behind this is that the soldiers should not be stationed at such high altitude inaccessible places. At the same time, sending other soldiers there is to strengthen their combat capability. Therefore, they are removed from there within two-three months and other soldiers are sent there.

According to army sources, this process has also been started in East Ladakh. Because soldiers have been stationed there for four-six months. The soldiers who were already stationed there are being sent to the plains and new soldiers are being sent there. Necessary training is also being provided before sending new soldiers there.

Sources said that the number of soldiers is not being increased in any way. Only the soldiers are being replaced. Army sources said that China has also taken such steps.

Army sources said that through rotation of soldiers, we have ensured the deployment process throughout the winter. In the ensuing negotiations, it will depend on whether the troops return or the deployment remains there. Explain that more than fifty thousand soldiers of both countries are deployed on LAC. There are constant talks in both countries to withdraw troops, but no solution is being found.

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