Onion prices should increase more : Bachchu Kadu

Amravati : Due to the ongoing torrential rains in the country, many crops including onions have been destroyed. Citizens are worried about the economic crisis caused by the corona, the sudden crisis and rising inflation. ‘Just don’t cry as onion prices go up. If you can’t afford it, eat garlic and radish,’ said Bachchu Kadu. Onion prices should go up further as onion growers have been looted in the last 70 years, he added. He was speaking in Amravati.

The recent import of onions from Iran by the central government has led to a sharp rise in onion prices across the country and the state.

“Even the media should not say that the housewife’s budget has collapsed,” Kadu said. However, this onion is not farmers’ but imported onion. He then asked how the imported onions would benefit the farmers.

In fact, the general public is now facing a rise in onion prices as vegetable prices have gone up due to the return rains in the last few days. In the Mumbai metropolitan area, the retail price of onion jumped to Rs 70-90, while in the Pune area, it reached Rs 50-70. Demand for onions has risen sharply since the state government allowed hotels and restaurants to open. Therefore, it is expected that the onion will soon reach 100. If that happened then the budget of the common man would collapse.

Summer onion stocks are running out and heavy rains have damaged kharif onions crops. This will delay the arrival of new onion crops in the market. As a result, there is a shortage of onions in the country. In the Mumbai market, 705 tonnes of onions arrived on Monday and in the wholesale market, the price of onion has gone up to Rs 40-70 per kg.

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