NASA steps on Asteroid ‘Benue’ trillions of miles away

The spacecraft of the US space agency NASA carried out a historic meeting in space. In this direction, now he is trying to get samples from there by reaching close to Bennu, a new planet. It is about 200 million miles from the Earth. NASA also says that between about 150 years, this planet will come very close to the Earth, during which it can cause massive damage to the Earth. But NASA is trying to investigate this keeping these things in mind.

University of Arizona top scientist Dante Lauretta expressed happiness over the success, saying that he could not believe that the mission had been completed. The spacecraft did everything it needed to do. Osiris-Rex has confirmed landing at Bennu from 200 million miles away and will now return in 2023 with the Osiris-Rex sample.

It was already given command by ground control. With this, it reached the surface of Bennu from his orbit in about 4.5 hours. But the 510 meter asteroid does not have enough gravity to stop it. So instead of landing completely, it sent the 3.4-meter robotic arm to the surface.

According to the predetermined command, touching the Osiris arm in a few seconds will cause the crater dust to blow through the blast of nitrogen gas and collect in the sampling head. Scientists need at least 60 grams of sample. If there is not much dust here, it will be decided on 30th October what to do next.

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