Maharashtra: ‘No Direct Entry’ for CBI, prior permission from state government mandatory for questioning

New Delhi : The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will no longer be able to conduct direct investigations in Maharashtra. The state government has issued an order requiring permission from the state government before coming to the state for questioning. If a case is to be investigated, the CBI can directly come to state and investigate, but some powers have been given to the states in this regard. Using the same, the state government has slashed the powers of the CBI.
Now according to this decision, permission of the state government will be required before conducting an investigation in the state. Earlier, West Bengal had blocked the CBI by taking such a decision. There was a huge controversy over that. Local police had arrested the CBI officials who had come for interrogation.
In Maharashtra too, the CBI probe into the Sushant Singh Rajput case had created a huge storm. The case had gone directly to the Supreme Court as the Mumbai Police did not conduct a proper inquiry. The apex court had then allowed a CBI inquiry into the matter. It also created tension between the state and central governments. Since the complete control of the CBI is in the hands of the central government, disputes between the state and the center are always created.

Opposition always accuses the Center of using CBI power to suppress the voices of opposition. Even the Supreme Court had also slammed the CBI for this.
The decision is likely to spark controversy between the state and central governments again.

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