Can noodle soup cause death? 9 people dies after ‘Bongkrekic Acid’ in soup causes food poisoning

New Delhi : The latest incident in China has raised the concern of the health authorities there. In fact, nine people belonging to the same family died after drinking homemade noodle soup in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang Province. According to the news, the soup that the family members drank was prepared from the corn flour and kept in the freezer for a year. On the morning of October 5, within a few hours of drinking soup for breakfast, the condition of the people worsened, and everyone was taken to the hospital. Nine people died in a few days. The cause of death was stated to be an excess of Bongkrekic acid in the soup. Let’s know what is Bongkrekic acid, how it causes food poisoning and how likely it is to die:

What is Bongkrekic acid
Bongkrekic acid actually causes food poisoning. It is found in fermented flour and rice related food items. According to Professor Fen Zhihong of China Agricultural University, Bongkrekic acid is highly toxic. Even if the food item containing Bongkrekic acid is heated, its effect does not end. According to experts, the same Bongkrekic acid made the noodle soup poisonous.

Warning issued in China
Chinese Health Commission has issued a warning in this regard, advising not to use a fermented floor (corn flour) in food. Chinese officials say that the entire case has been investigated. Investigations have revealed that the noodle soup the family members drank contained a very high amount of Bongkrekic acid. Due to this, they had food poisoning.

Bongkrekic acid can be fatal to human health. According to Pro. Fenn, eating food items containing Bongkrekic acid can cause food poisoning in both humans and animals, which can also cause death. The rate of death of food poisoning ranges from 40 to 100 percent.

In China, within nine hours of drinking noodle soup containing Bongkrekic acid, the family’s condition deteriorated. They were rushed to the hospital in a hurry. By October 10, seven of them had died, while the eighth member died two days and the ninth member died on October 19.

Three out of 12 people survived
Corn flour used in soup had expired due to being stored in the freezer for a year. On the day of the incident, 12 family members had gathered for breakfast. Nine people drank the soup, while three members refused to drink the soup because they did not like the taste of the soup. For this reason, they survived from being a victim of food poisoning.

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