Maharashtra : Onion prices continue to rise; Rs. 85 in Mumbai, 121 per kg in Junnar Bazar Samiti

Mumbai : Onion shortage continues across the state. It was sold at Rs 50 to Rs 85 per kg in Mumbai Bazar Samiti on Tuesday. In Junnar Bazar Samiti in Pune district, medium quality onion is priced at Rs 45 and good quality onion at Rs 121. In Solapur too, onions are being sold at Rs 5 to Rs 100 per kg. Onion prices are increasing day by day due to declining income as compared to demand.

On Monday, 19,346 tonnes of onions had arrived in various market committees across the state. On Tuesday, only 10,022 tonnes of onions arrived in the state. This has pushed up market prices. Onions were being sold at Rs 40-70 per kg in Mumbai APMC on Monday.

On Tuesday, the rates were Rs 50 to Rs 85. Onion is being sold at Rs 70-90 per kg in the retail market. Traders have said that if the inflows do not increase, the price of onions will cross 100 by Dussehra. The highest rate in the state is found in the Junnar Market Committee. On Tuesday, low quality onion was sold at Rs 45 per kg and good quality onion at Rs 121 per kg, the highest in the state.

In Solapur Bazar Samiti, onion is sold at a minimum of Rs 5 and a maximum of Rs 100 per kg. Onions were also sold at Rs 20 to 105 per kg at the Bazar Samiti in Ahmednagar.

State Market Committee Rates –
Mumbai – 50 to 85
Junnar – 45 to 121
Solapur – 5 to 100
Kolhapur – 25 to 80
Pune – 20 to 82
Nagpur – 40 to 55
Nashik – 32 to 70
Lasalgaon – 20 to 77
Rahta – 20 to 105

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