Sharad Pawar : State government should take loan to uplift rain-affected farmers

Mumbai : ‘Talking to the locals and actually seeing them, it was learned that there has never been such a crisis in the history of Maharashtra. So there is no other way than taking a loan to get people out of this crisis. I will talk to the Chief Minister and request him to take a loan,’ informed NCP National President MP Sharad Pawar.
He visited the villages in Marathwada where heavy rains fell on Sunday and Monday. After that, Sharad Pawar held a press conference at Tuljapur Circuit House on Sunday morning. “The criteria for crop insurance should be relaxed to help. The soybeans have been swept away in the floods. Therefore, provision should be made in the rules to compensate the farmers whose soybeans have been carried away. That rule will have to be reconsidered. Lakes and roads have been damaged. District planning funding will not be enough for all this. Therefore, the decision to provide independent assistance should be taken by the state and central governments,” he said.

Sharad Pawar said that farmers in Osmanabad, Latur, Nanded, Solapur district and part of Pandharpur area have suffered heavy losses due to heavy rains. Same picture is in the Indapur area of Pune district. The entire district of Osmanabad seems to be in crisis.
After the inspection, Sharad Pawar said that “Soybean crop was rotten, washed away or destroyed due to heavy rains. Excessive rainfall has also affected the sugarcane crop. If the industry in the district starts early, it will probably be possible to dispose of some of the sugarcane. So can the industry be started soon with the co-operation department of the state government? I will ask about this,” said Sharad Pawar.

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