Government Panel says half population likely to be infected With COVID19 by Feb’21

New Delhi : In India, at least half of the population may be infected with the coronavirus by next year. That means about 65 crore people out of 130 crore people in India can be corona positive. This was claimed by a panel of experts constituted by the Government of India, a member of which gave this information on Monday. However, the panel has also predicted that the disease will help slow down after such a large population is vulnerable to infection.
In the case of coronavirus infections in the world, India has reached second place after America. So far, about 75 lakh cases have been confirmed in India. However, there has been a decrease in new cases of coronavirus in the country since September. In India, on an average, 61390 new cases are being reported daily in the last one month.
Manind Aggarwal, a member of the government-constituted panel and a professor at IIT Kanpur, told news agency Reuters that our mathematical model estimates that currently around 30 percent of the population in the country has been infected with the coronavirus and by February the figure will reach 50 percent.

At the same time, the committee member on zero survey and serological survey said that they do not agree much with the survey data because the survey may not have been adapted to the correct standards. On the basis of these surveys, the central government has claimed that by September, about 14 percent of the country’s population had been infected with the coronavirus.
The committee member said that we have developed a new model which explicitly takes into account unproven cases. Therefore we can divide infected people into two categories. In which reported cases and those which do not report.
The committee has also warned that if the ongoing caution for social distancing and Covid-19 is not implemented, a massive increase in the case could attract about 26 lakh cases every month. Along with this, the panel has said about the festive season that this may increase the case.

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