Coronavirus US : 14-year-old Indian-origin girl in America wins Rs 18 lakh prize

Houston : While the entire world is researching the vaccine to get rid of the Covid-19 epidemic, a mere 14-year-old girl has discovered something that can relieve the infection of this deadly virus. In the US, a student of Indian origin has won a reward of 25 thousand dollars i.e. about 18 lakh rupees for her research towards combating the coronavirus. This research work may provide treatment for corona.

This deadly virus spreads its infection through its proteins. Anika said that she had become seriously ill with influenza last year and hence wanted to find a cure for it. But later he had changed his mind after the Corona epidemic started. Ten contestants, including Anika, participated in the finals of this competition organized by the American company ThreeM.

This deadly virus spreads infection with its own protein and to neutralize it, Anika has discovered a molecule. In her search, Anika discovered a molecule using the in-silico process, which is called the SARS COVID-2 virus. (SARS-CoV-2 virus) will bind to the spike protein. Anika told ABC News, “I developed this molecule that can bind to that protein of the virus and after that this protein will stop functioning.” Anika told CNN that she had submitted her project in the 8th grade.

Anika further said, “After spending a lot of time in research on epidemics, viruses and drug discovery, it was strange to think that I am actually living with similar things.” The Indian-American schoolgirl said, “With the help of my mentor, I changed direction to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in view of the devastating impact the world has had in such a short time due to the Covid-19 epidemic.”

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