Jio set to make big announcement about 5G phones

Mumbai : Reliance has now taken another big decision after making a big mark in the telecom sector through Jio and in the broadband sector through Jio Fiber.
Reliance Jio brought down internet rates. Other companies also had to lower rates to compete with Jio. This greatly benefited the customers.
After providing cheap 4G internet to Indians through Geo, Reliance has now started preparing for 5G. Reliance has launched a very affordable phone with 4G facility. They have also started preparations for 5G.
Reliance’s 5G phone will cost less than Rs 5,000. If Reliance Jio succeeds in this, it will create a stir in the telecom sector.
The 5G phone will initially cost Rs 5,000. After that, depending on the demand and sales, it will be brought down to Rs 2,500 or Rs 3,000, the company said.
Aiming to reach 200 million people, the company is working on a 5G smartphone plan, Reliance officials said.
Reliance aims to provide 5G facility to customers who currently use 2G phones. That is why Reliance Jio is ready to give them cheap 5G smartphones.
At present, the price of 5G smartphones is very high in the country. India has not yet launched a 5G network.
Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said at the 43rd general assembly that the US technology company would work with Reliance to create a cheap Android smartphone operating system.
Following Mukesh Ambani’s announcement, it is believed that Reliance will enlist the help of Microsoft for the operating system of 5G smartphones.
Reliance has sought permission from the central government to test the 5G network. However, Reliance has not yet received permission.

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