Haircut rates hiked, Salon owners say mask, gloves expenditure unaffordable

Mumbai : Salons and beauty parlors in the state have been closed for the last six months on the backdrop of Corona. The state government has recently allowed the opening of these shops by ordering compliance with social distance rules. Although 80 per cent of hairdressing salons in Navi Mumbai have started shops, customers now have to pay 30 to 35 per cent more than before. Accordingly, at the air-conditioned hairdresser shops, customers will have to pay Rs 150 for hair and Rs 100 for beard.
There are 700 to 800 salon shops in Navi Mumbai. It has 30 per cent air-conditioned and 70 per cent affordable shops. Reducing the number of chairs in the shop and keeping the space between the chairs, using masks, sanitizers, use and throw PPE kits for customers and salon workers, as well as hand-gloves, PPE hats on the head – such costs are increasing. All these are unaffordable to us. Therefore, salon professionals say that there is no option but to increase the price in the salon.
Hairdressing salon employees during the lockdown period have gone to their hometowns and the business is not as lucrative as it used to be. In addition, to avoid corona, we have to spend 30 to 35 rupees more per customer than before. Therefore, the price has to be increased.

-Naresh Gaikar, President,
Nuclear Development Foundation, Navi Mumbai
Since the hairdressing business has been closed for the last six months, it is time for the shop owner to take a loan from some banks and pay the rent. Since the salaries of the employees are not affordable, we are working on our own to support our families.
– Hidas Gaikar, President,
Virbhai Kotwal Nuclear Institute, Ghansoli

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