Pune Smart City ranks 13th in country

Pune: The Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL) has moved 4 steps up to reach the13th position in the country and the first spot in the state due to its haste speedy performance in completing the projects. Earlier, the Pune smart city ranking was 17 in the country before the lockdown.  Under smart city project, Pune has implemented various ongoing projects and incepted Health Management Information System (HIMS) to combat Covid-19 along with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Sanjay Kolte, chief executive officer of Pune Smart City said, “During coronavirus period, the smart city has been able to implement various ongoing projects, which helped to improve our ranking. Health Management Information System (HIMS) was started to assist the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) during the pandemic”.

Mayor Murlidhar Mohol said the Pune Smart city has speeded up the work of ongoing projects and so that further ranking can be improved in future. “It has been effectively contributing towards the containment of Covid-19 in the city by setting up a command and control war room,” added Mohol. The Pune Smart City has also helped the ranking of Maharashtra among the states in the country.

Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) was formed on 23rd March 2016 as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) under Smart City Mission for implementation of Smart City Projects in Pune.  The PSCDCL has led various projects such as Asset Management System for Road Network in Pune City, Airport Express Service, E-Buses, Smart Street Lighting, Digital Experience Center and many more.

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