Pune: Citizens fined for wearing masks improperly

Pune: The district and civic administration has made it mandatory to wear mask while going out in public places. Although most of the citizens are following these norms and instructions there are a few who have been fined for wearing the mask improperly. Police have been taking strict action against citizens who are found wearing mask but not covering their nose. Several citizens have protested against this harsh attitude of the law enforcement agencies, but the police and administration officials claim that wearing mask improperly is equivalent to not wearing it and hence action will be taken against such citizens.

Mehab Qureshi, a citizen said, “I was travelling with my brother from Aundh road to Khadki. We both were wearing mask. He had an N95 mask, and I had a cloth mask on my face. The mask of my brother had come down to the nose level and hence police personnel stopped us. Police imposed a fine on us for this matter. Upon asking PSI Sachin Pawar about this, he said that there is no written order in this regard. Meanwhile, we paid a fine of Rs 500 for something we had no control over whatsoever.”

Mehab tried to contact PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar, Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta, Joint Commissioner Ravindra Shisve and District Collector Rajesh Deshmukh. However, none of the authorities responded to him.Rubal Agarwal, PMC Additional Municipal Commissioner said, “We have issued an order for collecting fines from people for not wearing masks. However, there is no point if the mask is not worn properly.”

So far, fines of Rs 12.5 crores have been collected by Pune police from 3 lakh people for not wearing masks and spitting in public places.


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