NCRB Report: Juvenile crimes dip in Mumbai

Mumbai: Recently, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released data showing decline in crimes committed by minors. The state registered an average of 15 cases against such children per day between 2016 and 2019.  The four-year period witnessed the total of 22,179 such cases in the state during the four-year period, 3,165 of which were in Mumbai stated as per the NCRB Report.

Delhi topped the list for the third consecutive year among the cities, whereas Chennai took second place. Mumbai ranked third in 2019 after cases declined 2 dipped 29.2% to 611 from 863 in 2018 (914 in 2017). Chennai shifted one place up rank with a 28.8% increase to 647 cases in 2019 from 502 in 2018, While Delhi showed an increase of 15.6% to 2,760 in 2019 from 2,388 in 2018.

On the dynamics of State-wise ranking, Maharashtra ranked second in three years having maximum cases registered against minors. However, Mumbai, saw an 11.8% drop in cases to 5,189 in 2019 from 5,880 in 2018 (6,026 in 2017). Madhya Pradesh topped the list with a 5.5% increase in cases to 5,522 in 2019 from 5,232 in 2018.

The children against whom the cases were registered or arrested had little educational background and very coming from a family background.  As per the report, 51 of those arrested in Mumbai had received no education, 167 had primary level education, 408 were in secondary school till SSC, 120 had completed their HSC, and 10 were studying beyond HSC. Meanwhile, 636 of those arrested in Mumbai lived with parents, 45 with guardians and 75 were homeless.

The State-wise, 283 had no education, 1,514 had completed their primary education, 3,360 were in secondary school till SSC, 1,125 had completed studies till HSC and 172 were studying beyond HSC. A total of 5,834 of those arrested lived with their parents, 416 with guardians and 204 were homeless.

The cases registered against the juveniles were burglary, riot, grievous hurt, assault on women, rape, robbery, dacoity, murder, kidnap, cheating, rash driving and counterfeiting.

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