Pune : Villagers save Sonai Dairy Director Kishor Mane from drowning in flood waters

Pune: Kishor Mane, businessman and director of Sonai Dairy, was saved from drowning in flood waters by some villagers and police personnel. The incident happened on Wednesday (October 14) night at Kalas village in Indapur tehsil of Pune district.
Heavy rains had lashed Pune district and Indapur tehsil on Wednesday. As a result, flooding of the water stream in Kalas village was reported on Wednesday night. At around 7pm, Kishor Mane was trying to cross this stream while driving his four wheeler. He was headed towards his house in Rui village. However, the force of the flood water was so strong that the four wheeler started drifting away with it. Sensing trouble, Kishor Mane jumped out of his four wheeler vehicle and caught on to a tree near the stream.

Villagers and police personnel got information about a stranded person near the water stream. They rushed to the spot to save him. After more than six hours of efforts, villagers managed to reach near Mane and rescued him.
According to villagers, Mane was stuck and surrounded by water with strong current of flow. The villagers took a rope and with the help of the rope they reached up to Mane and saved him. It was like a miracle and a second life offered to Mane.

Meanwhile, villagers also managed to save two persons who were drowning in flood waters on the BKBN road in Neervangi village of Indapur tehsil.  Kalyan Kisan Shinde (37) and Ashok Maruti Deshmukh (45), both residents of Siddeshwar Kuroli in Khatav tehsil were rescued by the villagers. A boat was used in the rescue operation to save the two persons.

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