Pune: Hundreds of residents from Prayeja city Sinhagad Road face commute problems after bridge damage

Pune: Hundreds of citizens staying in the 350 flats scheme of Prayeja City on Sinhagad road are facing problems. They are trapped from both sides as the the bridge connecting Prayeja city to Sun City washed away in the heavy downpour that occurred in the city on Wednesday (October 14) night and the road towards the Funtime Cinema in Wadgaon Budruk is in very bad situation.
There are about 350 flats in the Prayeja city, Prayeja Pearl and Prayeja Pooram societies. The bridge which is critical in terms of connectivity to Prayeja city residents has been washed away due to heavy rains on Wednesday night. Both sides of the bridge have been damaged and hence there is no immediate respite from this problem in sight. Local residents Rohit Jadhav, Amit Bhende, Nilesh Ghodake and others expressed his anguish while speaking to media persons.

Local residents said that the bridge has been repaired several times till now. This bridge connects Prayeja city from Sun City side and towards the Katraj-Dehuroad bypass on Pune-Bengaluru highway. This bridge has been washed away, damaged earlier too. However, officials do not have any permanent solution to this problem. Every time citizens protest and a temporary work is done to restore connectivity.
Several citizens use the bridge road to connect to the bypass road from Nanded city. Citizens have written letters, tweeted to concerned authorities to make a permanent solution to this problem since four years. When a lot of follow-up is taken, officials do temporary repair works and then everything is forgotten.
Heavy vehicles also use the bridge. Especially trucks carrying cement bags use this bridge frequently. This heavy vehicle traffic is causing maximum damage to the bridge. Since the roads constructed are of inferior quality, the problem has persisted for so many years.

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