Baby Pulls Mask From Doctor’s Face Right After Birth, Netizens Call It A ‘Ray Of Hope’

New Delhi : Due to the coronavirus epidemic, people are being asked to take precautions, maintain social distancing and wear masks. Right now, caution is the only escape in this difficult time. But, a newborn girl did that in just a few seconds after being born, for which the whole world is waiting today.

In today’s world of internet and social media, a number of unique pictures or funny videos often pave their way and go viral on social media. Recently, a picture of a newborn baby went viral in which the baby is clicked while pulling a doctor’s mask. This unique photo of a newborn girl grabbed major attention on the internet.

A Dubai-based doctor Dr.Samer Cheaib took to his Instagram to share a picture of him holding a newborn. In the monochrome picture, the baby is seen firmly holding and pulling off the doctor’s mask as the doctor flashes his wide smile underneath the mask.

While sharing the picture on Instagram Facebook, Dr. Cheaib said- “We all want sign are we going to take off the mask soon”. Soon after posting this picture on social media, it became so viral that thousands of likes have been received so far. Many people said this
a new ray of hope.

Significantly, the corona epidemic that broke out earlier this year has severely affected the normal lives of people. Many countries have made masks mandatory to reduce infections. However, most of the people are accepting these new rules and covering their faces with masks, even if some people feel uncomfortable with it. In such a situation, everyone is waiting when they can move normally without fear of Covid-19.

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