Salman Khan helps ailing Faraaz Khan, pays his medical bills

Mumbai: Recently, after news of ailing actor Faraaz Khan unable to pay bills broke out, Salman Khan came ahead to help the fellow actor and paid his medical bills. Kashmera Shah, fellow actor of Salman khan revealed of Salman Khan quietly helping actor Faraaz Khan.

Kashmera Shah, praising the Bharat actor, wrote on Instagram, “You are truly a great Human Being. Thank you for taking care of Faraaz Khan and his medical bills. Actor Faraaz Khan of Fareb game is in critical condition and Salman has stood by his side and helped him like he helps so many others. I am and will always remain a true admirer. If people don’t like this post I don’t care. You have a choice to unfollow me. This is what I think and feel. I think he is the most genuine person I have ever met in this film industry.”

Mehndi famed actor Faraaz is battling for his life after suffering multiple seizures. Khan, son of late Bollywood actor Yusuf Khan has been admitted to Vikram Hospital in Bengaluru. Faraaz Khan and his family were facing financial problems to afford his treatment. The details about the actor’s health were shared on a fundraising platform by his family members — Farhad Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon.

According to the family member, Faraaz had been suffering from a cough and an infection in his chest for nearly a year and had taken critical turns recently. “The doctor saw his condition and recommended that he gets himself admitted to a hospital as his cough was quite intense and to prevent any further infection, hospitalisation was the best thing to do.”

Abousher and Shamoon wrote in a statement, Faraaz suffered seizures thrice when he was being taken to the hospital. It was later diagnosed that he suffered the seizures due to a “herpes infection in his brain that had spread from his chest. The expense for the treatment will be around Rs 25 lakh”.

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