Coronavirus India: ICMR says high possibility of recurrent cases

Mumbai: The pandemic has hit all the countries worldwide. For India coronavirus infection is increasing constantly but recovery rate is also proportionately high. However recurrence cases are increasingly in the country alarming the second wave of coronavirus. The three new cases have been reported in the country. Balaram Bhargava, director general of ICMR, Indian Council of Medical Research, said that the time limit expected for re-infection has been approximately100 days.

ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava said that there have been three cases of recurrence of corona virus in the country. Two of these cases have come to light in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The infection may occur 100 days after recovery from coronavirus. Several studies have also revealed that antibodies are usually present in the body of an infected person for at least four months.

DG Bhargava said that the case of recurrence was first reported in Hong Kong. We have received data from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding cases of re-infection worldwide. Further efforts are being made to collect more data by contacting the people who have been re-infected over the telephone.

Bhargava added, “The World Health Organization has not yet stated that a person can be infected again after 90 days, 100 days or 120 days. However the government has fixed its time limit to 100 days. The risk of being reinfected 100 days after a patient recovers”.

Significantly, the coronavirus cases are decreasing in the country, while the number of patients recovering from this is increasing rapidly. The number of deaths due to coronavirus has also come down drastically. According to the Union Health Ministry, the average daily new cases in the second week of September was around 92,000 while in the second week of October it has come down to around 70,000.

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